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What FPS is best for my project?

Using the right FPS rate can set the mood for your project and add realism to your video. Nothing is hard set in stone, but here are some basic guidelines to help you decide.

  1. Retro-Themed Films: Aiming for a genuine yesteryear effect? You might want to skip the 24fps. During cinema's early years, films were projected at 16fps. Therefore, classics from the silent film era, akin to Buster Keaton's slapstick comedies, were filmed at a lower rate than today's standard.

  2. Television Productions: In the world of TV, most content is played back at 30fps, not 24. This convention stems from historical broadcast limitations, creating the characteristic aesthetic of sitcoms, soaps, and reality TV shows, even though current technology supports much higher frame rates.

  3. Hand-Drawn Animation: CGI animations allow for a flexible frame rate. Yet, traditional animators who meticulously drew each frame generally used a 12fps rate. This is a technique that modern animators, such as Aardman Animations with "Wallace and Gromit", continue to utilize.

  4. Ultra-Realistic Cinema: Inspired by "Gemini Man"? By filming and projecting at a full 48fps, director Ang Lee brought an ultra-high-definition, hyper-realistic feel to the screen. This approach has since caught the attention of other innovators in the film industry.

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